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this is a hint: Generating the output requires character by character processing since all of the delimiters must be output. However,The determination depends on knowing the length of the current word and the remaining length of the output line and knowing these before any portion of the word is output. Hint: it is possible process the text array character by character, as the function currently does, and in certain situations look at it in a different fashion, by word. Realize that you already have a function that allows looking at the text array by word.

//the text[] array contains all the words and delimiters.

 void format_print (const char text [], int text_len, int line_len) 

 int index;
 bool endoftext;  // by reference, true if reach end of text, (no more words).
 int position;    //current position on text, is by-reference
 char a_word[WORD_SIZE+1];
 int word_length = 0;

//this function gets word from text array without delimiters //===>

     get_next_word (text, text_len, position, a_word,
                      word_length, endoftext);

//the following code print the text characters, but it can split the words when it get to the end of the line.... example: text length = 18 and the line_length = 3, output is =

e y

//how can i make the following function so it can not split words, I have been trying a lot for hours, but i could not find it.

  for (index = 0; index < text_len; index++)
    if (index != 0 && index % line_len == 0)
    cout << endl;

    cout << text[index];


  cout << endl;

how can i make the function works so it print the text array without splitting words..... My original function will ask for an valid input line_length so the text can be printed.

  The example i gave was with an invalid line length....I just wanted to show what I was meaning...

Thank you very much!!!

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This is homework, not a question. –  melpomene Nov 26 '12 at 5:07
If I understand the cryptographic nuance this question is presented in (and that is a big if) you're being asked to right-limit the line length of your output so no word is broken, no delimiters are skipped mid-line, and no line exceeds the specified line length. By definition this is impossible if your specified line length is shorter than any single word in your input, and your algorithm should account for that. The rest is just math (literally) and buffering input for the "current" word until you know it fits on the current line or must be moved to the next. Good luck. –  WhozCraig Nov 26 '12 at 6:57

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