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Have a do loop in HTML supporting a Ruby app:

<% @list.each do |object| %>
    <option value="<%= object['name'] %>"><%= object['name'] %></option>
<% end %>

Would like to be able to filter the <option value="<%= object['name'] %>"> item for quotes to preserve the final HTML -- is there an easy way to do this?

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If this is a Rails app, then I'd suggest using one of the built-in helpers, like so:

options_for_select(@list.map{ |object| [object['name'], object['name']] })

If not, then maybe just gsub:

<option value="<%= object['name'].gsub("\"","") %>">
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if the value and showing names are same, you need only this options_for_select(@list.map { |l| l['name'] })...if the @list is an array of objects that has a method name, it can be further simplified to options_for_select(@list.map(&:name))..and yeah..options_for_select is available if it is a Rails app. –  rubyprince Nov 26 '12 at 6:05

In pure Ruby, you can use CGI::escapeHTML, like this:

<% @list.each do |object| %>
    <% escaped_value = CGI::escapeHTML(object['name']) %>
    <option value="<%= escaped_value %>"><%= escaped_value %></option>
<% end %>

You will have to do a require 'cgi', to use this.

If you are using Rails, you are better off using options_for_select, or use the select_tag or select according to your need, as the other answer specifies

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