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I have been working on an IOS application. I got an doubt while working related to Navigation controller. Here is my question. I am pushing all my views into navigation controller when I want a view should appear. I am setting every page its title like..

self.tiltle = @"View1"; // Something like that.

I guess the navigation controller is the same, and view I am loading will only vary, If I am right, why every time the same title is not loading for every page, (If I am not set title like above it comes empty for new view loaded). If I am wrong... Please point it out.

thanks for your valuable suggestion..

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Each time you push a UIViewController to a UINavigationController, the navigation controller read's the UIViewController's self.title or the self.navigationItem.title and displays that on it's navigation bar. If you want to set the same title for all the children view controllers then you have to set self.title on each one of them.

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I am customizing back button with an image, So every view do I need to do the same thing in did load? Any way is there so that I can do in one place it reflects in all views? –  Newbee Nov 26 '12 at 5:32
The back button or the left button, the title, and the right button are all properties of each view controller. If you want a single place to declare the same things for all your navigation children then create a base UIViewController subclass and derive your view controllers from there –  John Estropia Nov 26 '12 at 5:56

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