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I want to know about H/W and memTable size with respect to Cassandra.
I read article about Cassandra.
Title of the article is "A Decentralized Structured Storage System".
In this article, FaceBook is using Cassandra to store about +50TB of data on a 150 node cluster and it's operated for 100 million person in 2008 year.
But I want to know about detail H/W Specification.


1. we use SMP processor for each node. (Intel dual-core server : frequency --> 1.5GHz)
2. we use 4G RAM size per node.
3. we use 128Gbyte SSD Hard per node.
4. we use 1G switching ethernet.
5. we use (which) L4 switch for Gateway Load-balancing.


  • I want to know how much memTable size do you use in FaceBook when you operate Cassandra for any Application.
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Cassandra is relative Hardware agnostic. So you can run it on commodity hardware. But if you plan to maximize throughput, your configuration could be better.

  • Use SSD for CommitLog
  • Use RAID 0 o kinds of it for SSTables
  • Take more RAM for caches. 16, 32 and more GB.
  • 1G switch might be enough.
  • And of cause Cassandra scales best (linear scalable)! Use more nodes and good drivers.

Every performance consideration should begin with real scenarion. Start and profile your system a little.

PS: Hardware Requirenments in the Docu

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