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I've a .net web application which uses Lucene.net for company search functionality. When registered users add a new company,it is saved to database and also gets indexed in Lucene based company search index in real time.

When adding company in Lucene index, how do I handle use case of two or more logged-in users posting a new company at the same time?Also, will both these companies get indexed without any file lock, lock time out, etc. related issues?

Would appreciate if i could help with code as well.


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By default Lucene.Net has inbuilt index locking using a text file. However if the default locking mode isn't good enough then there are others that you can use instead (which are included in the Lucene.Net source code).

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What if there many new contents? Won't it be resource intensive for all the commits? –  Neelesh May 22 '11 at 7:42
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