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Trying to understand something here: if I render something to the DOM from javascript, and want to call jQuery methods on it, it behaves differently than if I "re-select" the element from the DOM. Here's a simple example, in CoffeeScript:

element = """
  <div id="my_div">TEST!</div>

element.hide() #this doesn't work.
$(element).hide() #this doesn't work either.

$('div#my_div').hide() #this does.

So, I seem to be misunderstanding something here. I guess the element variable is just a string and jQuery doesn't understand that it has been added as an element in the DOM.

Is there a different way to insert content into the dom, then, so that it behaves like a normally-selected jQuery object once it has been inserted?

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The reason the first line doesn't work is because element is a string. The reason the second line doesn't work is because it ends up creating another DOM version of the string.

The fix would be to maintain a ref to the DOM version of the element the first time you construct it (in JS):

var $elem = $(element);
$elem.hide() // should work

Hope that helps.

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Perfect, thank you for the explanation! –  Andrew Nov 26 '12 at 5:59

I think you need:

element = $('<div id="my_div">TEST!</div>');
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