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I have a servlet that use sendredirect to jsp after processing request from the client. It not working if the client send request to the server using web's dns (https://domainName.com/webApp/Order)

Our network admin already map the dns (https://domainName.com/webApp) inside reserve proxy to point the "http://xxx.xxx.xxx:8080/webApp/" in loadbalacing.

What it the problem and how to solve it? it is the dns problem or the servlet problem?

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When you use web's dns (http://domainName.com/webApp/Order) the default port 80 is used (HTTP) . And when you use http://xxx.xxx.xxx:8080/webApp/Order you specify the the port number for your tomcat server (here it is 8080).

Try using this and it should work easily with the dns also.


See the port number (8080 or any port number on which your tomcat is running) I have added after the dns name

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in the response.sendRedirect, i need to put the full url (https://domainName.com/webApp/sucesss.jsp) if there any better solution?

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