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I try to implement form values save in session.

1) click on button "change category" on page1

2) store data in session

3) redirect to page2

4) perform some changes with this saved form data and update it in session

5) redirect back to page1 and restore form values by values stored in session

$product = new Product;

$productType = new ProductType;
$form = $this->createForm($productType, $product);

//get values from session
$form_values_in_session = ...

if ($request->isMethod('POST')) {

    // if click on change category button
    if ($request->request->get('category')) {
        $form_raw_values = $request->get($productType->getName());

        $form_values = array();
        foreach ($form_raw_values as $form_field_name => $form_field_value) {
            if ($form->has($form_field_name)) {
                $form_values[$form_field_name] = $form_field_value;

        // store this data in session
        // and redirect
        return $this->redirect($this->generateUrl();

    if ($form->isValid()) {
        // form submit
} else if ($form_values_in_session) {

Work good, but problem is form is being validated just after $form->bind($form_values_in_session); call and i see form errors on page.

The right way to do this: call setters for $product, but in this case i need manually convert view data -> norm data -> model data. Such methods in Form class is private and i need to copypaste some code from methods Form::viewToNorm, Form::normToModel and so on.

Is there better way?

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The idea is form validation work only with root form. That mean i can bind data for form childrens

foreach ($form->all() as $name => $field) {
    if (isset($form_values_in_session[$name])) {
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