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It seem that GroupBox can only contain one element, if I place more than one it's won't go inside(or get deleted in blend).

Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?

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That sounds right to me. You'd need to put a Grid or Panel (StackPanel, WrapPanel, etc) as a child to define the layout.

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That was fast, I just figure it out 5 second before you answer. Thanks. –  Athiwat Chunlakhan Aug 31 '09 at 6:17

Well the real answer is because groupbox inheirts from HeaderedContentControl

Take a look here MSDN

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You must drag the items: textbox INTO the groupbox and must only have a single groupbox. Cannot drag more than a single groupbox per linear coordinate for it to work. Can have multiple groupboxes on a page, but not more than a single column wide or you will be limited with only having a single item being added to the groupbox.

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