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I am currently writing a code to do a Knight's Tour. I am trying to pass a double array (the board) into a method and I get an error that an is expected. I do not know how I am supposed to declare it(array doesn't work), or if that's wrong entirely. Here is the code I am currently stuck on.

 public void makeBoard(Board,int column, int row){
     for (i=1;i<=column;i++)
         for  (j=1;j<=row;j++)
              Board[i][j] = "x";
     Board[1][1] = "1";
     xpos = 1;
     ypos = 1;

Mainly the declaration. Board is a double array.

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You didn't say what is the first parameter's type.. –  Maroun Maroun Nov 26 '12 at 7:32
Board is a double array. -> You mean an array of array? –  Rohit Jain Nov 26 '12 at 7:33
it is not called double array, it is 2d array. –  Subhrajyoti Majumder Nov 26 '12 at 7:35
Otherwise regarding this code: You are aware that arrays in Java are zero-indexed, right? I believe what you wanted was Board[0][0] and for(int i=0;..., for(int j=0;... –  PeterT Nov 26 '12 at 7:35

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You need to specify the type of the parameter.

public void makeBoard(String[][] Board, int column, int row){


  1. The name of the type is not a double array. The word double is the name of a different type in Java. It means a double precision floating point number. You don't have any doubles anywhere in your code.

  2. The standard naming convention is to use camel case for parameter names. You should write board instead of Board.

  3. Arrays are 0-indexed in Java. Your loops should start from 0, not 1.

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Thank you very much!!! Sadly I got a lot more errors, but I know how to pass in arrays thank you!! –  user1852613 Nov 26 '12 at 7:38

In a java method, parameter is made up with parameter type and name. For int column, int is the type and column is the name. Therefore, board is actually your param name and the type should be String[][].

public void makeBoard(String[][] Board,int column, int row){...}
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