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I want to custom the output HTML code of CQWP and I do not want to see <table class="s4-wpTopTable">...</table>. But even I try to edit ContentQueryMain.xsl file by the help of this article:Customizing the HTML code of a Content Query Web Part, the table is still there.I can't even find any code generated the table which class is "s4-wpTopTable". So ,I need some talent guy to tell me how to stop the CQWP to generate TABLE.

I have tried to set the Content Query Webpart's SuppressWebPartChrome to "True",but the table is still there, such a big problem.

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I faced problems like you had and I decided to develop a web part that makes it easy to customize the look & feel of a portal. You can find detailed information about it here: Item Lister Web Part

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But the CQWP has many advantages that your ListerWebPart hasn't . Do you know how to stop sharepoint to generated the table ? It's some trouble for my partner to style the page cause the robus table! oops –  JacobChan Nov 27 '12 at 1:29
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If you want to customize the output HTML of CQWP,you should:

  1. Insure your CQWP is NOT in the webpartzone, because the webpartzone will make the the SuppressWebPartChrome does not work for your webpart.
  2. Insert your webpart to the page with the help of SPD,and then in the code view,you can change the SuppressWebPartChrome of CQWP to True(Defualt is False).
  3. Look at the source code of your page,the <table class="s4-wpTopTable">...</table> is not there now, cool!
  4. Anyother addtionnal code generated by sharepoint of the CQWP,you can custom it in your ContentQueryMain.xsl file, so you should learn the language--XSTL .Don't be afraid of it,it is so easy for you to learn in one hour.
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