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I am working with a chart in wpf with dynamic data display. I would like to insert a dynamic draggable point. Until now I can just insert one like this

<d3:DraggablePoint Position="0.2,0.2" />

but I would like to insert it behind the code, unfortunately I dont see how! I can just modify some of its properties as soon as I give a name in the project map and just modify this specific element.

Can anyone point me how to do a draggable point by myself so that when the chart zooms or pads, the point also do that?


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You will need to include the using statement:

using Microsoft.Research.DynamicDataDisplay.Charts.Shapes;

Then instantiate your DraggablePoint like :

DraggablePoint dPoint = new DraggablePoint();

Set up your DraggablePoint properties, then add it to your plot like :

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