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How i can add the Google Adword Conversion Code to Joomla Site? Here there is a form here created with CK form extension, after submitting data it will go to Thank You page. And i want to add the Google Adword Conversion Tracking Code in this page. How i can do that? Please help.

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I am not sure that whether my method is most accurate and simple.

I've created many 'thanks pages' for different ckforms, and use each page as the result page URL in each form.

Then, I am using php code in Template index file to judge whether this page comes out, if one 'thanks page' is showing, the tracking code for the related form would be outputted before the end of the body.

CODE like this:

<?php if(JRequest::getVar('id')==XXXXXX){?>
    <!-- Google Code for Contact Us Page Form Completion Conversion Page -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
<?php }?>

Hope can help you guys.

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