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I am an IOS Application developer and want to build hybrid app, by using HTML5 and IOS SDK.

Can any one help me? Can any one tell me from where i will start? Which tool is required for getting start?


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Although I'm a big fan of Titanium and use it for iOS development, in your case I suggest you stick to Phonegap, because in your case you're better off creating html5 app and packaging it for iOS, instead of writing everything (or most of your code) in javascript and compiling it for iOS and HTML5 differently. Also HTML5 app support in Titanium is terrible at the moment. (in my opinion)

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or you go the 'raw' way :: start with a NATIVE app that shows a UIWebView

in the delegate methods of the webview you do native calls

those frameworks mentioned provide a layer of abstraction that might not be appropiate. They are mainly no hybrid dev tools but cross-platform dev tools

that said: phonegap is much nicer and lighter and titanium!

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PhoneGap is used as a platform to build iOS (and other platform) Apps using HTML5. The next step is to learn some HTML5 UI framework. Sencha Touch 2 is a good framework.

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