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Hi last week i started developing a polyframe application for windows phone 8. So for development i am using IOS PolyFrame app as a reference:

So what my doubt is, i need to implement a photo frame based on the structures provided. And the app will support adding / editing images in each layout and also changing the orientation of the selected layout. So my question is, is it possible to develop similar with xaml and C#. I am facing issues with filling images with the layouts and layout adjustment related things. Can any one suggest me some ideas to start developing application.

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Provide some image in the Polyframe app in which you are trying the functionality. – Stephan Ronald Nov 26 '12 at 9:07
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In short, yes, you should be able to do what you're trying to build using XAML.

Here's a VERY simple example of how you might apply an irregular mask over a photo:


This was achieved using the following XAML:

        <Image Source="/Assets/cat.jpg" Height="200"
                Clip="M 120 95 L 90 265 L 220 265 L 190 95 A 50 50 0 1 0 120 95" 
                RenderTransformOrigin="0.5,0.5" >
                <CompositeTransform TranslateX="-50"/>
        <Image Source="/Assets/cat.jpg" Height="200"  
                Clip="M 120 95 L 90 265 L 220 265 L 190 95 A 50 50 0 1 0 120 95" 

Note that you're going to have to either do some math or design some pre-computed regions to line everything up the way you want, but it looks entirely feasible to me.

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