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I have a word document that I need to exchange with users in a different culture of Office. I am in daDK, other user in deDE.

When we exchange document, the field code in header

{STYLEREF "Overskrift 1" \* MERGEFORMAT}

fails on other side because in deDE Headline 1 is named differently. It would of course be the same the other way.

Is there any way to overcome this ? Can I use a different way to refer to a headline (enum?) or can I somehow programmatically from VBA avoid the issue ?

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This is a really bad example of over-localization. And apparently you cannot even use the internal names ("heading1" etc.) in the fields. AFAIK, you have the following options to get around this:

  • Avoid the built-in styles in your docs.
  • Create the header programmatically using the WdBuiltinStyle enumeration, i.e. something like this:

  • Surprisingly, this seems to work as well for the different heading levels (but I don't know why and whether there are side effects).

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