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I'm new to Rails and get a little confused about view helper.

I defined a function in helpers/application_helper.rb.

def error_table()
  return %{<table>...</table>}

I called error_table function in show.html.erb.

<%= error_table() %>

but when I view this page, it give me this string <table>...</table>.

I view the html source code and it looks like this : &lt;table&gt;...&lt;/table&gt;

I want to insert this table to the html page instead of display it. What should I do?

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Rails by default HTML-Escapes all Strings that are rendered so that no XSS attacks are possible.

So in your case you have to either call .html_safe on the string to mark it as "safe" HTML and it won't get escaped, or pass it to the raw() helper that does the same but won't bark on nil objects. (I wrote about this banality some time ago)

In your case I'd suggest you put that code inside the helper:

def error_table()
  return %{<table>...</table>}.html_safe


def error_table()
  return raw(%{<table>...</table>})

That way you don't have to do this on every call site

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Very clearly and helpful. Thanks! –  user1476512 Nov 27 '12 at 2:03

Try this:

<%=raw error_table() %>

After Rails 3.0, <%= %> escapes HTML by default.

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Thanks a lot. 我来自深圳 –  user1476512 Nov 27 '12 at 2:21

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