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I'm trying to compile fontconfig and redefine the value FONTCONFIG_FILE allowing to change the fonts.conf path. It is possible by defining the CFLAGS with -DFONTCONFIG_FILE, but i dont find the correct way to write it. Indeed i tried many combination, but none of them works. CFLAGS= -DFONTCONFIG_FILE='"/path_to/fonts.conf"', i tried by adding '\' before each quotes but nothing works i never get: gcc -DFONTCONFIG_FILE='"/path_to/fonts.conf"'

Can someone help on how i can give this define in the CFLAGS to be handled and used by the compiler? BR.

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Perhaps you should add to CFLAGS - CFLAGS += -DFONTCONFIG_FILE=\"/path/to/fonts.conf\" – chill Nov 26 '12 at 9:58
Thank you for your answer. – dabrain34 Nov 26 '12 at 13:02
Possible duplicate of how to define a string in gcc command line? – jww Dec 25 '15 at 14:18

Thank you for your answer. I'm giving CFLAGS in shell as i call configure with CFLAGS env var. It seems that fontconfig honors user CFLAGS seen that i can see the cflags later on. But I can not get the correctt syntax, as i understood, -DFONTCONFIG_FILE='"/path_to/fonts.conf"'. In the file src/fccfg.c line 1796, you can see that we can set this define to be used in the c function. The best I succeed to get is -DFONTCONFIG_FILE='/pathto/fonts.conf' with CFLAGS+=-DFONTCONFIG_FILE="'"/pathto/fonts.conf"'"

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