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I have created a hash in java script and passing it to controller through Ajax request but in controller i'm getting hash in string

{1100:{time:\"1\", mark:\"1\", difficulty_level:\"3\"}, 1108:{time:\"1\", mark:\"1\", difficulty_level:\"3\"}}

I have tried using JSON.parse but getting error JSON::ParserError: 710: unexpected token at

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It's not json, it's a js object. Check your JSON here: – apneadiving Nov 26 '12 at 9:55

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You should find a way to create a proper JSON from your JavaScript object, by using some JavaScript library (such as JSON-js), and JSON.stringify(myObject) . JSON requires all string-values (keys and values alike) to be surrounded by quotation marks.

So in your case, the proper JSON would look like this (non-quote escaped):

{1100:{"time":"1", "mark": "1", "difficulty_level": "3"}, 1108:{ "time":"1", "mark":"1", "difficulty_level": "3"}}
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