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i have created a program in C. I would like to know, how to check the value which my program returns ... I mean, at the end of the code my program return zero if no error occurred. If an error occurred my program should return 1. And that's the problem, i want to see if really 1 is returned if something went wrong. For memory leaks, etc I am using valgrind on Linux. Thank you for any help.

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use echo $? to check program return value. –  Amir Naghizadeh Nov 26 '12 at 10:17

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You can just print the special shell variable $?, e.g.:

$ ./my_program ; echo "status = $?"
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i guess you are looking for $?

call your program in a script and check the return value using $?

$?---it actually check the return code of the previously executed statement.
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It's simple

Use echo $? on your terminal just after exexcution of your program.

It gives the return value of previously executed command


./my_program.out  // execution of program 
echo $?    // checking the return value , printing on terminal
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normally you don't have to consider the specific return code, you can use the shell logic to detect if something non-zero has been returned.

Just to print a message if failure was returned
./myprog || echo "Something went wrong"


only run myprog2 if myprog1 returns success
./myprog1 && ./myprog2

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