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Are there some highcharts pros out there?

What i want is, that value 6 (lowest score) starts left and on the right there is the highest score (1)

so the bars heading to 1 (showing the space to be mark 1)







Any help with that?

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You can set reversed to yAxis too, like you did on xAxis.

Like this:

xAxis: {
    reversed: true
yAxis: {
    reversed: true

Here is a demo

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Changing the xAxis from true to false does not produce a different chart. – sanon Aug 22 '13 at 17:27
Looks like changing the xAxis reversed to false works. I also found out that the default for bar chart's xAxis reversed is true, so don't expect it to change if you set it to true! – Michael Battaglia Mar 29 at 19:04
@MichaelBattaglia Actually the reversed x axis was changed recently, in 4.1.10. Here is the issue. And here is a fiddle with 4.1.9 and without reversed x axis. – Lulylulu Apr 26 at 14:57

I would do something like this. What is important here and is kind of clunky. Is to make your values be negative and then use the label formatter on the xAxis to have them appear positive (with adjusted min/max):

    yAxis: {
        min: -6,
        max: 0,
        title: {
            text: 'Marks from  6 (very bad) to 1 (yery good)',
            align: 'high'
        labels: {
            overflow: 'justify',
            formatter: function() {
            return this.value * -1;

Also set the Xaxis to be on the opposite side:

    xAxis: {
        categories: ['John', 'Sandy', 'Carl', 'Maria'],
        title: {
            text: null
        opposite: true
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