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Can I switch between build systems using shortcut?

I've created a few build systems to execute sql on different databases - stagings, devs etc. I googled it but can't find how can I switch between build systems with shortcut or so, cause switching between them using mouse(Tools->Build System-> check build system) is quite slow.

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Instead of making them completely different build systems, use variants (documented here). For instance, you could have a custom build file that looked a bit like this:

  "name": "sql dev"
  "cmd": [<command to execute on development server>]
  "selector": "source.sql",

    "name": "sql staging",
    "cmd": [<command to execute in staging area>]
    "name": "sql production",
    "cmd": [<command to execute on production server>]

When this build file is active/selected, the build command will execute sql dev. command+shift+B (Mac) or control+shift+B (Windows/Linux) will execute sql staging. You can access all three through the command palette; just search for "build."

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