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I am creating a new excel from an existing excel . There ares 3 Sheets in my old excel say first , second , third. I am able to copy the contents of first sheet succesfully in new excel which is based on some condition i.e my code before while index < 3 : works perfectly fine . For sheet second and third I want to copy them as they are in original excel sheet. But When the copy starts for second sheet I get an error :-

sheet1 = w.add_sheet('Info')
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/xlwt/Workbook.py", line 331, in add_sheet
raise Exception("duplicate worksheet name %r" % sheetname) 

My code is as follows:-

newexcel = "newexcel.xls"
    count = 0
    wb = xlrd.open_workbook('/home/sam/myexcel.xls')
    w = Workbook()
    sheet = w.add_sheet('Input_Resource')
    index = 0
    s = wb.sheet_by_index(index)
    if index < 1 :
        index =+ 1
        for row in range(s.nrows):
            coln =0
            val = s.cell(row,coln).value
            if val in MissingId :
                count += 1
                for col in range(s.ncols):
                    val = s.cell(row,col).value
    while index < 3 :
        if index == 1 :
            sheet1 = w.add_sheet('Info')
        else :
            sheet2 = w.add_sheet('Sheet3')

        s = wb.sheet_by_index(index)
        index =+ 1
        for row in range(s.nrows):
            coln =0
            val = s.cell(row,coln).value
            for col in range(s.ncols):
                val = s.cell(row,col).value
                if index == 1:
                else :

Any Help or hint is appreciated :)

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can you provide a link to the myexcel.xls file you using – Marwan Alsabbagh Nov 26 '12 at 14:53
Have a look at SSCCE, I believe if you follow that approach you can reduce the code in your question and maybe even discover exactly what has gone wrong. It has helped me in the past. – Marwan Alsabbagh Nov 26 '12 at 14:57
did you solve this issue. Please update the question if you have, otherwise I'll have another go at it. – Marwan Alsabbagh Nov 27 '12 at 18:12

Below some idea for check duplicate sheets:

import xlwt

wb = xlwt.Workbook()
#Adding 2 sheets
ws1 = wb.add_sheet('One')
ws2 = wb.add_sheet('Two')

sheets = wb._Workbook__worksheets #Getting sheets list
sheet_names = [] #List for shhets names
for sheet in sheets:
         sheet.get_name() #getting sheet name
print sheet_names
print True if u"One" in sheet_names else False #check for our name


$python simple.py 
[u'One', u'Two']
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