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I am currently running a project that has many configuration files (xml, ...). These files hold configuration rules that are specific to the site (developement site or client site) where the project is being run (such as ip addresses, ...), and I am looking for a way to automate the modifications before building the project.

Ideally, the script would only be run if the version of the project is not a snapshot, and replace all configuration files of the developement site with the configuration files for the client. This way it wouldn't have to be done by hand. The client is not supposed to receive the configuration files meant for the development team.

Alternatively, each build would produce two versions, one for the development team, another for the client.

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I had a similar requirement and utilized for that the managed script plugin. This plugin allows you to script anything and run it during the build.

What you'll need to do is to write a shell/batch script ("Managed script file") in the Manage Jenkins > Managed Files section. This script will hold all commands; it defines where your customer configuration shall be copied from, which files to replace etc, which configuration to inject. Once the script is saved, it can be used in the job configuration. To include it in the build steps chose "Execute managed scripts" and then select the script from the drop down. Also, if you have multiple configurations you might want to consider to parameterize the managed script. You can utilize all Jenkins environment variables in it, root for script execution is the job's workspace.

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