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I am in need to update a table with grade for each employee one by one, the table on jsp page shows some performance data of individual employee in each row along with a struts2 select drop down list in each row and a update anchor tag. Which is created using struts2 iterator tag.

What I need is while I press this update link it should take the selected value from dropdown list and update the current row.

How to achieve this ? I want to know what do I need to do in onClick event for update anchor tag?

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Do you want to do this with AJAX or just submit? What do you have so far? –  Aleksandr M Nov 26 '12 at 10:25
I have nothing right now I stuck with this above mentioned question I want to know what do i need to do in onClick event for update anchor tag? –  Sathish Kumar k k Nov 26 '12 at 10:44
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2 Answers

On onclick event call a javascript method. Inside method read all values and then send all these values to server. You can do it using normal form post or Ajax as well.

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how do I get the selected value to javascript or jquery. Its a big problem for me since it is inside a table and there are as many list as the rows are and with same name. –  Sathish Kumar k k Nov 27 '12 at 8:56
give attribute/column of each row a unique id. And then you can use id to read value. Now the table can grow dynamically so you need to find a generic way to attach unique id. This you can achieve while populating the table. One suggestion for id is like "attributeName"+count. You should increment count during show/populate. This way you will have a unique id for each row/column. –  rai.skumar Nov 27 '12 at 9:03
@rai.skumar: Your edit about appending rows with javascript is irrelevant. Question is NOT about that. I suggest you remove it from your answer. –  Aleksandr M Nov 27 '12 at 11:48
@Sathish updated that he is not able to get values of selected row.. so i just wanted to explain that how can you make a row unique. Becoz unless each row has unique id you won't be able to get values. If its of no value then will take it off... –  rai.skumar Nov 27 '12 at 12:05
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I found a solution for my question. In this I generate id dynamically for input in each row of a column, mean while the anchor tag also generated with this element id respectively as a parameter for javascript function inside onclick attribute. So while I click update link it takes the textfield id of this corrosponding row to the javascript function. This makes me to get the value and update it row wise. Here is a example how I did it.

<script type="text/javascript">

        function updateRole(roleID,targetID,id){

            var role = document.getElementById(roleID).value;
            var target = document.getElementById(targetID).value;
                data:"testRole="+role + "-" + target + "-" + id,


                <th >S.No</th>
                <th >Name</th>
                <th >Role</th>
                <th >Target</th>
                <th >Action</th>
                <s:iterator value="emplist" status="empStatus">
                <td ><s:property value="#empStatus.count"/></td>
                <td ><s:property value="empname"/></td>
                <td ><s:textfield name="emprole" id="%{#empStatus.count}" theme="simple"/></td>
                <td ><s:textfield name="target" id="target%{#empStatus.count}" theme="simple"/></td>
                <td ><a href="#" onclick="updateRole('<s:property value="%{#empStatus.count}"/>','target'+'<s:property value="%{#empStatus.count}"/>','<s:property value="empid"/>');" >Update</a></td>
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