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I'm using MVC4.

Some code (that I can't get into here) is generating the form on the fly, so I have absolutely no idea what fields are posted back to my MVC controller.

Here's my Java:

var formData = $("#MyForm").serialize();
$.post('/mycontroler/postdata', formData, function (data) {

My problem is, how do I read this in MVC?

If I use...

Public Function postdata(data As String) As JsonResult
End Function

... the "data" variable is nothing.

So how do I read the querystring?

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You could modify your postdata function as such:

public function postdata(FormCollection collection) as JsonResult

then iterate over the fields and retrieve value(s)

foreach (var key in formCollection.AllKeys)
      var value = formCollection[key];
      // etc.

   foreach (var key in formCollection.Keys)
       var value = formCollection[key.ToString()];
       // etc.
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