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I was playing with the picklist component of Richfaces 3.x. The "basic" use is kinda straightforward.

I would like to display several picklist components on one page. My problem is that the number of picklist is variable, based on a selection in a previous page.

So I can have 1, 2 or more picklist in one page. The selectItems data is the same so it's all good. (it would be ok even if it was different, actually, as i could pass a parameter)

I was thinking about storing the data in the backing bean as a Map<String, List<String>> but, how can i do that in xhtml?

Usually we write up something like that :

<rich:pickList value="#{backingBean.pickListSelectedItems}"  > ...

Is it possible to do it dynamically ? Or maybe there is a workaround available...


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