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I have a Java form in which you can select a file to open. I have that file:

File my_file = ...

I want to be able to save my file as a different name. how can I do it using "File my_file"?

I tried:

File current_file = JPanel_VisualizationLogTab.get_File();
String current_file_name = current_file.getName();
//String current_file_extension = current_file_name.substring(current_file_name.lastIndexOf('.'), current_file_name.length()).toLowerCase();
FileDialog fileDialog = new FileDialog(new Frame(), "Save", FileDialog.SAVE);

But that doesn't save the file.

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I would recommend using the Apache Commons IO library to make this task easier. With this library, you could use the handy FileUtils class that provides many helper functions for handling file IO. I think you would be interested in the copy(File file, File file) function

    File current_file = JPanel_VisualizationLogTab.get_File();
    File newFile = new File("new_file.txt");
    FileUtils.copyFile(current_file, newFile);
} catch (IOException e){


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You can rename the file name.

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This would only make sense, if you would want to rename the file and is useless, if you would like to have another copy of it. – carlspring Nov 26 '12 at 10:44

If you want to copy it with a different name, i found this piece of Code via google

public static void copyFile(File in, File out) throws IOException {
    FileChannel inChannel = new FileInputStream(in).getChannel();
    FileChannel outChannel = new FileOutputStream(out).getChannel();
    try {
        inChannel.transferTo(0, inChannel.size(), outChannel);
    } catch (IOException e) {
        throw e;
    } finally {
        if (inChannel != null)
        if (outChannel != null)

now you can call it with

    File inF = new File("/home/user/inputFile.txt");
    File outF = new File("/home/user/outputFile.txt");
    copyFile(inF, outF); 

it´s just important that both Files exist, otherswise it will raise an exception

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There is a Method called renameTo(new File("whatever you want")); for File Objects

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I need to keep the current file and just make a copy of the current file with a different name.. – Aviadjo Nov 26 '12 at 13:18

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