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Is there a simple way of setting the affinity of the application I'm debugging without locking gdb to the same core? The reason why I'm asking is that the application is running with real time priority and it needs to run on a single core. At the moment I use this command line

taskset -c 3 gdbserver :1234 ./app.out

but the application stops responding and freezes the gdb server, making debugging impossible. I suspect that the real time priority of the application prevents gdb from executing. If I start the application and then start gdb without affinity setting, then I can attach and debug the application without gdb freezing.

Is there a simple way to start gdb and the application with different affinities? Or preferably: Is there a gdb command to set affinity of the child process?

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I found a solution: Use the --wrapper argument.


gdbserver --wrapper taskset -c 3 -- :1234 ./app.out
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Or from inside gdb: set exec-wrapper taskset -c 3 – Marcus Ahlberg Nov 28 '12 at 11:51

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