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in my application i am open Tshark process and start capturing, when i want to finish to capturing i am kill the Tshark process so sometimes the capture file is corrupted and when i am trying to open this file i received the error the capture file appears to have been cut short in the middle of a packet - how to prevent this error there is a batter way to close the Tshark process to avoid this error ?

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Try stopping the capture process with ctrl+c instead of killing the process.

Also, you can try using pcapfix to fix your corrupted packets, it may help making your existing files readable again.

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i am open the process with windows = hidden so i don't see the windows, is it possible to stopping the capture process with ctrl+c ? –  user1710944 Nov 27 '12 at 15:26

If this is on UN*X, if you kill the process with kill -INTpid, then that will look just like a Ctrl+C. I'm not sure there's an equivalent on Windows.

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