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I've got a bunch of div width heights over 1000px under eachother. How can I determine a div position relative to the top of the window? E.g.

<div class="this_div">height:1000px</div>

I'm trying something like this.

    $(window).bind('scroll resize',function(e){
        var scrolledY = $(window).scrollTop(),
            scrolling = scrolledY-4900;
        if(scrolledY > 4900){
            $('div.this_div').css('background', 'red');
        if(scrolledY > 5500)){
            $('div.this_div').css('background', 'none');

As you can see, if you've scrolled 4900px it does something. Isn't it possible to do something when you've scrolled till the div, instead of determining at what px it is?

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You'll need the .offset() function for this. It helps you determine the offset of your "this_div" for the scrolling method (instead of the 4900 value you're passing along).


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exactly what i needed. Thank you – Chanckjh Nov 26 '12 at 12:42

Well, I guess;

console.log(parseFloat($("#myBlock").offset().top) + parseFloat($(document).scrollTop()));​
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