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I have a list of stuff like so

1. apple
2. orange
3. banana

and I want to remove the numbering so I have


What would be a good way of doing that?

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something like:

awk '{ print $2; }'
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A bash solution:

$ while read f1 f2
> do
>  echo $f2
> done < file
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or maybe:

cat file.txt | cut -d' ' -f2
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thx. that works perfectly. –  Kathy Nov 27 '12 at 4:39

This will make the changes to original file

sed -i 's/[0-9]*\. //g' inputfile.txt

This will create a new file output.txt

cat inputfile.txt | sed 's/[0-9]*\. //g' > outputfile.txt
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