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I would like to know how to open new window in the browser with focus while keeping the other window open too.

I have a button in my silverlight app that must open a pdf in another window or tab, i want the new window to have focus while keeping the initial page open.

I can get the new window to open but without focus or i can get it to replace the current page , then returning to the app requires login etc.

So i need 3 things... 1)open new window 2)focus new window 3)leave old window open

Uri myUri = new Uri(@"http://......./ViewPDF.aspx");
HtmlPage.Window.Navigate(myUri, "_newWindow");

HtmlPage.PopupWindow(myUri, "_blank", null);

None of these meet all 3 requirements.

please help..

Thanking you in advance

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Did you try HtmlPage.Window.Navigate(myUri, "_blank", null) instead of HtmlPage.PopupWindow? –  Kelly Ethridge Nov 26 '12 at 19:51
Was trying it on an older browser, so that and perhaps browser settings play a role. its working now .. –  Lost Nov 27 '12 at 13:27
Is it possible for you to use javascript in this instance? –  tuckerjt07 Dec 9 '12 at 4:57

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HtmlPopupWindowOptions options = new HtmlPopupWindowOptions();

        options.Left = 300;
        options.Top = 150;
        options.Width = 1024;
        options.Height = 768;
        options.Directories = false;
        options.Location = false;
        options.Menubar = false;
        options.Status = false;
        options.Toolbar = false;

Uri myUri = new Uri(@"http://......./ViewPDF.aspx");

HtmlPage.PopupWindow(Uri, "_blank", options);

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