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Suppose i searched for ATM's in india, How can i get the coordinates of all the points in the map...?

I found one of the solution as getting kml file and from there i can parse it...but when i added &output=kml to the link...i am unable to get the kml file...not even kml file option.

URL after appending &output=kml

Please can any one help me in solving this...

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I clicked the link you provided and I was able to download the KML file. I then opened the KML file in Google Earth which showed all the ATM's in India. I was then also able to find all the coordinates of each ATM.

See this screen shot- enter image description here

Surprised why that wasn't possible with you..

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output=kml no longer works. It was removed (probably because of abuse). You can get some of the ATM's using the Places API, but the results are limited to 60, returned 20 at a time.

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