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I have installed Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012 on a remote computer in the same domain.
I have ping and telnet connection to the defined port.

I am trying to find the server when I open the "attached to process" dialog and the VS doesnt find it. (I tried entering both its IP and Name)

any idea ?

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I encountered the same error message, but ended up finding that it was a different issue that the one OP encountered.

My problem was that remote debugging tools are not cross-version-compatible (at least to some extent). In my case, VS 2013 could not connect to the 2015 Remote Debugging tools. I admit, I kind of expected it to work, but I'm not terribly surprised. It wasn't until I explicitly typed in the machine and port that I received an actionable error message.

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I faced same issue. I was pressing on "Find..." button and there searching for the computer, that always gave me "Found 0 connection". It looks like a VS2012 bug.

However when I've entered computer name (IP address also worked for me) and port in the "Qualifier" field and then pressed "Refresh" button far below - only then the connection was established and the list of processes was displayed.

The format of the text in the "Qualifier" field was COMPUTER-NAME:PORT (e.g. WIN2012-TEST:4016) as well as IP-ADDRESS:PORT (e.g., both worked. The port was the one that is displayed in the Tools -> Options of the Remote Debugging Monitor running on the target machine.

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Thank you! In addition, I would like to mention that the filter in the "Find..." window looks like local subnet only filter, i.e even if you write in this window IP-ADDRESS:PORT of the remote machine it will not try to find it. – 2xMax Sep 10 '14 at 14:58
thank you very much this is most helpful!!! – user271077 Mar 16 at 11:02

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