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I have been building my project using TFS 2010 for months. So far I have not paid any particular attention to whether I was building as Debug or Release.

Now I thought I should build as Release. I assume there is some performance penalty etc. when running an assembly that was built as Debug? I.e. that there is a good reason for building as Release even though by default it seems .pdb's are created in any case these days?

In my build definition I have 8 Projects to Build. When I select Any CPU | Release in "Configurations to Build" in the TFS build definition (Process tab) suddenly only 2 of my 8 projects are copied to drop folder (the build as such successes). Any ideas why?

I'm using Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5.

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In the solution in Visual Studio, right click and go to "Configuration Manager...", change the "Active solution configuration" to Release and "Active Solution Platform" to "Any CPU", check that the other projects are set to actually build in this configuration.

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Ok, it seems I had misunderstood something; Some of the items under "Items to build" were Visual Studio projects, not solutions, which worked as long as i had "Configurations to build" blank. Once i entered something in Configurations to build it only built the solutions, not the projects. –  Poppert Dec 3 '12 at 7:37

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