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For example I have

public enum ID { CODEC1, CODEC2 }

and a bean

public class Bean {
   private ID id;
   public ID getId() { return id; }
   public void setId(ID value) { this.id = value; }

Is it possible to use symbolic names in Spring config somehow? For instance

<bean id="bean" class="Bean">
   <parameter name="id" value="CODEC1"/>
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If you're using Spring 3.1, the code that you wrote should work. When using a previous version, try defining valueOf of the enum as factory method:

<bean id="CODEC1" class="ID" factory-method="valueOf">


<parameter name="id" value-ref="CODEC1"/>
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Do you mean that Spring 3+ will see that field type is enum and will scan that enum class automatically for string representations??? That's great! –  Dims Nov 26 '12 at 12:06

Give the following SpEL a try:

<property name="id" value="#{T(my.package.ID).valueOf('CODEC1')}"/>
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