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doing this - in the server explorer of visual studio 2012:

  • adding the connection to the azure sql database
  • opening that connection node
  • navigating to view
  • right clicking and selecting new view
  • copy/paste a query
  • execute

get result as a single entry!

however, it is read only, meaning - can not edit it and update directly from this view.

this used to work in previous visual studio and mssql database.

is this a bug, feature, etc? and how to have the behaviour from previous visual studio (where if you can remember there was a visual designer of a view that had this capability)? want to execute a select query, get some results that are then in-place editable and will perform an update on the database.

thnx a lot

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Editing results of a query never worked, neither from SQL Management Studio or other tools. What has worked and continues to work in VS2012 is editing data from a table:

Navigate to the desired table, right-click and choose "Show Table Data". This data is editable, provided your account has permissions.


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not true. i have seen it work. your suggestion is fine but it takes a long time to transfer a huge table simply to edit one arbitrary line. if i really have to i will install an old visual studio somewhere and make a screenshot :P to prove it, but it's a hassle :P what does HTH mean btw? – b0x0rz Nov 26 '12 at 16:23
1 :) – Igorek Nov 26 '12 at 19:23
i played arround some more and i remembered that in previous visual studio there was a kind of visual designer of a view that allowed dragging and dropping tables and had a sort of three part view and in it one could visual design a query and there i think it was possible... – b0x0rz Nov 26 '12 at 21:31

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