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android:mediaplayer error(1, -17)


I am using mediaplayer in my app and sometimes I got error(1,-17) in my logcat anyone has any idea what it means ? thanks

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The error code -17 stands for an error in your resource file. Most likely, your source audio/video/media file is using a codec, or some format that the Android MediaPlayer does not support.

Try converting your file to a format supported by Android.

This can also be caused by having too many MediaPlayer objects at the same time.

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Refer this answer

Please make sure you don't have too many MediaPlayer objects active at once. See this for reference.

android:mediaplayer error(1, -17)

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This error probably comes from MediaPlayer. You could them here. Your error should be

Error due to general error in underlying resource

and I don't clearly sure what this mean.

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