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In this simple test, after being sure that the index is valid, does it worth to assign a variable instead of calling two times objectAtIndex: method ?

NSString *s = [myArray objectAtIndex:2];
if (s) {
Test *t = [Test initFromString:s];

instead of

if ([myArray objectAtIndex:2]) {
Test *t = [Test initFromString:[myArray objectAtIndex:2]];
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From the performance point of view it’s not worth it, unless the code lies on a really hot path (and you would know that). Sending a message is practically free and looking up an object on a given index is also too fast to care in most situations.

The change makes the code more readable, though: First, you can name the thing that you pull from the container (like testName). Second, when reading the two repeated calls to objectAtIndex you have to make sure that it’s really the same code. After you introduce the separate variable it’s obvious, there’s less cognitive load.

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