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Let us say I have a baseline called A1. What I then want to see if there is any way for me to be on another stream, anywhere in the same project, to see if I have A1 in my stream? I.e. do I have the code changes made in A1 in my stream?

Is there any fast way to do this? Thank you in advance.

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ClearCase works based on activities, and you should determine is an activity has been delivered by using cleartool lsact -contrib:
See "Activities delivered since the last baseline", and a more complete example at "Describe baseline and expand deliver and rebase activities".

You can list all activities of a baseline with cleartool descr -l baseline:A1@\pvob.

Another case is simply when A1 is a foundation baseline in your other stream.
you can describe your other stream, using fmt_ccase format, to list only the foundation baselines and check if A1 is part of those.
See "Display Current Baseline with Cleartool".

Then you need to check if you have LATEST versions which have no 'A1' label on them.
See for instance "How to make cleartool tell if source is modified since last baseline".

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