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I need to set the html status codes for a phpBB forum. Google Webmaster Toolkit shows a lot of wrong status codes and this is bad for SEO and for usability.

I've searched a lot but cannot find any appropriate answer. Maybe someone can help me an tell me if theres a way in phpBB or if there's a plugin to achieve this.

The status codes should be different depending on:

  • User/Thread has been deleted => Status Code "410" (Gone)
  • Thread has been moved => Status Code "301" (Moved Permanently)
  • Site can only be seen when logged in => Status Code "403" (Forbidden)
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I found a solution, for those who might have the same need, here is the solution.

Reading this PhpBB Tracker issue I found this git commit which lead me to this solution. Patch the file /path_to_yout_phpbb_forum/includes/functions.php

//line 2618-2637
function send_status_line($code, $message)
        if (substr(strtolower(@php_sapi_name()),0,3) === 'cgi')
        // in theory, we shouldn't need that due to php doing it. Reality offers a differing opinion, though
        header("Status: $code $message", true, $code);
           if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_VERSION']))
               $version = $_SERVER['HTTP_VERSION'];
               $version = 'HTTP/1.0';
            header("$version $code $message", true, $code);


//line 3654-3657
if ($msg_text == 'ERROR_NO_ATTACHMENT' || $msg_text == 'NO_FORUM' || $msg_text == 'NO_TOPIC' || $msg_text == 'NO_USER')
    send_status_line(404, 'Not Found');

This worked for my problem.

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