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I just have a simple question... How do I check to see if a textbox or a string contains an Integer?

please no code just maybe a hint or two :D

thanks all :)

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thanks for link @phoenix, it didn't come up in my search on SO – jay_t55 Aug 31 '09 at 9:44
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hint 1: have a look on the static methods of int... there are 2 methods

hint 2: try regex

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int.TryParse( ....

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Use regular expression pattern.

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Strongly agree on this as this is a good way to validate input – Maciek Aug 31 '09 at 9:28
I appreciate your comment. – AVD Aug 31 '09 at 9:31

Hint: There is a method in Int32 that returns false if passed object is not an integer.

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use this regex pattern to validate if the text contains numbers only:


when invalid, means that there is non numeric chars.

Regex regex = new Regex("^[0-9]+$");


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use regular expressions to check if the string contains an integer :

    if (Regex.IsMatch(yourString, "\\d"))
        // Do your stuff
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A hint - The value in the textox is a string, try to parse it to int and if exception is raised - it is not an integer

EDIT: Actually there is a method which does that - Int32.TryParse

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Another hint - call a function that tries to parse it and check the return value – Peter van der Heijden Aug 31 '09 at 9:28

you can try int.TryParse or LINQ. The preferable and probably cleanest solution would be a RegEx, though.

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