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I want to get the total amount of views (all videos) from a channel on youtube using the Youtube API in PHP. I didn't found any method to do that. Does anyone have en idea ? Thanks in advance for your help.

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This is the code (don't forget to rename yourUserName with your YouTube username):

$xdoc = new DomDocument;
$ytstat = $xdoc->getElementsByTagName('statistics')->item(0);
$total_views = $ytstat->getAttribute(totalUploadViews);
echo $total_views;
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You can use the new YouTube Analytics API


you can modify the code of the sample application to call the api in the client side:


and do something like this to get the number of views per day:

var request = gapi.client.youtubeAnalytics.reports.query({
      // Convert dates to YYYY-MM-DD strings for start-date and end-date parameters.
      'start-date': formatDateString(lastWeek),
      'end-date': formatDateString(today),
      // Identify channel for which you're retrieving data.
      ids: 'channel==' + channelId,
      dimensions: 'day',
      metrics: 'views'
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