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I'm writing a XML-RPC interface for Bugzilla where users can create bugs in Bugzilla using an Excel macro. This is working fine. But if the user uploads a screenshot and adds it as attachment to the bug, the image cannot be displayed in the browser. I already asked a similar question here. Now I found that the base64 encoded data is not converted back to binary before saving into the database. At first I thought that the XML file might not be correct (i.e. the data type for the image is <string> instead of <base64> but I verified that the XML is correct. The data type is <base64>). But still, the data is stored in the database in base64 format. When manually uploading a sceenshot from the website, the screenshot data in the database is binary. So I think that the XML-RPC framework should convert the base64-encoded image data back to 8 bit binary. But that's not the case. Does anyone have an idea what else might be wrong?

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Have you manage to solve this issue ? I am not sure if it is internal API's issue, but I've written a comment#33 in Bugzilla where they have wrote this API's method. – Khokhar Jan 10 '14 at 14:44
No, I've given up... Btw, your comment has already been answered. They say you did not declare the content to be base64... – TomS Jan 13 '14 at 12:49

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