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What is the best seeded random number generator on ObjC?

I have to generate the same random number sequences on 2 different iPhones, therefore it has to be seeded. This is why I can't use arc4rand().

NOTE: by best I mean fastest/most unpredictable relation.

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The Mersenne Twister implementation that comes with the C++ standard library is very good. As it's C++, you'll need to create a wrapper so that you can call it from C and ObjC code, or alternatively rename the file that uses it to have a .mm (Objective-C++) extension.

I'm thinking of something like this, in the header:

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

struct rng_state;
struct rng_state* create_rng(unsigned seed);
void destroy_rng(struct rng_state* rng);
unsigned long long rng_random_unsigned(struct rng_state* rng, unsigned long long max);

#ifdef __cplusplus

And then, in a .cpp file that includes the above:

#include <random>
struct rng_state
  std::mt19937* rng;
struct rng_state* create_rng(unsigned seed)
  std::mt19937* engine = new std::mt19937(seed);
  rng_state* state = new rng_state;
  state->rng = engine;
void destroy_rng(struct rng_state* rng)
  delete rng->rng;
  delete rng;
unsigned long long rng_random_unsigned(struct rng_state* rng, unsigned long long max)
  std::uniform_int_distribution<unsigned long long> distribution(0, max);
  return distribution(*rng->rng);

I haven't tested the above, but it should be pretty close. You can then include the header in your C/ObjC files as usual, create a rng with a seed, get a bunch of random numbers, and destroy the rng when you're done. You can also add more generator functions if needed - the library comes with different random distributions you can use.

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Why should I use and extern library? Isn't there anything in ObjC? what about srand and rand? –  simpleBob Nov 28 '12 at 16:02
Sure, you can use srand and rand. However, they rely on global state, so if anything else calls rand() (or srand()) it'll interfere with your sequence. There's also no guarantee that it'll generate the same sequence on different OS versions (although that's a small risk). I'm not sure by what definition the C++ standard library is "external" - it ships with the OS/development environment. –  pmdj Nov 28 '12 at 22:46

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