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Q1: My point is create many buttons as many rows of array. Im having some erros here :s

<script type="text/javascript">
var myArray = [];


var value1 = $('#value1').val();
var value2 = $('#value1').val();
var value3 = $('#value1').val();
var newArray = []; 
var newArray[0] = value1;
var newArray[1] = value2;
var newArray[2] = value3;

    $("<button>").click(function() {
        myFunction.apply(null, myArray);
    }).text("Click me!")


function myFunction(value1,value2,value3)
var jsonData = $.ajax({
url: "file.php?value1=" + value1 + "&value2=" + value2 + "&value3=" + value3
dataType: "json",
async: false
//edited: problem maybe found. I said buttons dont do anything because of this.
OUTPUT: file.php?value1=paul,23,USA&value2=undefined&value3=undefined
//it seems that value1 gets all values :s

<div id ="save"></div>

Im looking for a solution that return someting like this:


<!--<button onclick="myFunction(name,age,country)">Click me</button>-->
<button onclick="myFunction(paul,23,USA)">Click me</button>
<button onclick="myFunction(john,23,USA)">Click me</button>


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it is because myArray's first item is a array (newArray) you should call only one array parameter try call the function as below and it should work,

myFunction.apply(null, newArray);
myFunction.apply(null, [value1,value2,value3]);
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myFunction.apply(null, newArray); ! ;) – pleaseDeleteMe Nov 26 '12 at 15:00

Guess this helps:

    <div  id="save">
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function addButtons(myArray){
                var button = $('<button id="btn_'+i+'" onclick="myFunction(this);">Click me</button>')
        function myFunction(element){
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