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I have an MVC 4 project that will be a mobile web App but does not make use of the mobile template in visual studios. (Didn't want to use the template because it generates a lot of extra files and etc). Currently I am not using the razor view engine but I would like to make use of a cshtml layout page.

My question is:
Is using the ASPX engine with MVC 4 with a cshtml layout page possible, if so I have the layout page and the aspx page, how do I apply the layout page to the ASPX page? Using @{Layout = 'filepath'} does not work. If this is impossible or very impractical am I stuck using a master page?

tl;dr - How can I use a cshtml layout page on an mvc 4 project that uses the aspx view engine?

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possible duplicate of How to use Razor Layout as Master Page in ASP.NET MVC –  Kate Gregory Nov 26 '12 at 16:23

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Pretty similar question so I'm submitting this as an answer:

How to use Razor Layout as Master Page in ASP.NET MVC

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