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I'm trying to create a Data Source View, to use with Adhoc SSRS Reports.

These are the steps to make Adhoc reports.

Data Source > Data Source View > Data Source Model > Report Builder > Report.

When I try to create a Data Source View it only lets me choose from a the selected Data Source's Tables/Views. There is no option for Stored Procedures. Is there any possible way to create a Data Source View with Stored Procedures?

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According to this answer from Microsoft Stored procedures are not supported by Report Builder. Although that is an old response, Report Builder 1.0 was the last version of Report Builder to support models anyway so no more DataSourceView/Model from Microsoft have been added so I believe that is still accurate. I also checked the latest docs related to Report Builder & Report Models and I don't see any mention of stored procedures.

If stored procedures and end user reporting is important to you, our ActiveReports Server product includes a "Logical Data Model" that is roughly equivalent to Report Models in Report Builder 1.0 / SQL Server 2005 but we have added a lot on top of it including support for creating entities from stored procedures.

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This article on Code Project seems to be what you're looking for: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/20540/Using-StoredProcs-with-Parameters-in-SQL-Reporting

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That article shows how to add Stored Proc's to Regular reports. I'm looking for Data Source View's with stored proc's. –  user1853771 Dec 10 '12 at 15:01

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