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Anyone knows a good lorem ipsum generator?

I'd like to know if there are some generators that can generate language specific texts as well so that international characters can be tested.

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I always use can add random á, é, ó chars

I also want to point you to this post that points to 8 more lorem ipsum generator. For example which does localized ipsums.

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Html ipsum if you want an HTML flavour

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Dummy Text Generator

is also a good one.

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Bacon Ipsum

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You can try Lazaripsum for dummy text with international characters (spanish alphabet in this case)

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Found the Lorem Ipsum generator that I was looking for called Lorem Ipscream.

It returns generated texts in several different "flavors". Aside from the defacto latin (Vanilla), it can also generate non-sensical text in German (German Chocolate), Czech (Mint Chocolate Czech) and various English ones.

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